The Importance of Meaningful Relationships

03 Sep 2020 05:12

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I am sick of some and few people. I have been labeled naive and it does not look good. However, I object and say that is a good thing. In most cases, you think directly. This means that you are always thinking of others and therefore you will not hurt anyone for selfish reasons for Whatsapp group names.


I have also noticed that very few people do this for others these days. The adage "keep your friends and your enemies close" carries a lot of weight, simply because it is a warning. When you are close to your enemy, you can see and predict their next move, so you will always be one step ahead. This and many other similar things suggest that as humans we are always in competition.

Being bored with some people does not mean that I am not like them. The best part of having the worst time of your life is knowing who your real friends are. I want to share my story, which is not as bad as other people, but in essence I have three people when I can count on keeping the family out. Imagine this! Still, others I know are "friends". What is your definition of friend?

A few weeks ago an ex-boyfriend wanted to be friends. After looking at each other for a month, our group was found (we belong to the same investment group). As I watched it and towards the changes happening in a month, I had to wonder about some things, some of which are tied to the boundaries of being "why", "what" and "too much". Something ". What I liked has made me indifferent. To make matters worse, we rode the same bus home without talking. At that time I knew what I needed, and I was this man." Whatsapp dp for girls I can talk about anything, he can't be my friend, I don't want to, he is and he will be someone I knew long ago and with whom I will meet with him every time.

I ask again how do you define a friend?
Are there friends we can trust? Are those people we can talk to and not worry about doing justice?


For me, there is a friend who understands me when no one is talking to me, someone grabs my hand when I jump on the wall, someone looks at me from behind, I think when I make a mistake. A friend is one who listens to my conversation without getting bored. A friend is someone I can tell to cry or laugh. With someone we walk, talk, laugh, understand each other in spite of our different and determined ways in life and know that despite the obstacles and challenges that we face in this life, we always have each other we'll be together. Dude is not going to end. For me a friend must be honest and honest, what is yours? who is your friend.

It is common for you to present a wedding when a friend of yours is getting married. However, deciding what to give is not an easy task for boys dp. The simple reason is that everything you give must be used by the recipient couple. The second reason is that the thing you give should not be what you already have. Also, you need to tell something else that another friend won't give.

To fulfill all the requirements of a good wedding gift, you need to think outside the box. Try to think of something new to give. If your fan has already built or purchased their home, you can donate seedlings for larger plants. She can plant it in her garden in memory of her wedding. He will remember you whenever he talks about a particular tree. What is good present?


A good way to sell plant saplings is to visit a place that sells saplings. The seller can give you some advice on what to choose. If you have friends from the architect, you can also turn to one of them for valuable advice on choosing a facility. The seeds of these plants are cheap, but their value is much higher than their value.

If you want an expensive gift, then visit an art gallery. Art work can find its place in every house. You can find a good painting or sculptor to add a rich look to the living room or bedroom based on the artwork Whatsapp group links. There are shops that sell high quality artwork at reasonable prices. Therefore, purchasing the product is not a problem.

The standard gifts most people give to newlyweds are kitchen gadgets and electrical appliances. Wall clocks, porcelain and the like are often given as gifts. What will happen in the end is that many pieces of the same thing have been received. The only way to get out of this situation is to think about innovation. If you feel that your friend has everything you need, give some money on your behalf. You can place the receipt in an envelope and give it as a gift. If your friend has a tendency to donate, they will appreciate your gift. Think creatively. You will come up with thousands of ideas.


You spent your breaks crying and the night sleeping. Now you understand that your ex is not the "one", but you still want to have that person in your life. You can consider the option of being your ex-boyfriend. Remember, this will take you a lot of patience, discipline, time and effort. This can be very difficult, but we will help you take the right steps.

Find out the reason for your breakup
Know what was causing your breakup. What caused you to break up? Who started the separation? Was it too dramatic and emotional? In general, if your breakup was bad or you started it, it will take you longer to become your ex-friend. There is still a feeling of sorrow and pain and the wound is fresh; It is best to let time pass before starting your "new friendship".

Make sure you both reached breakup
"Friendship" didn't work very well if you or both would feel love, anger, hatred and the same. This can also cause problems and complicate things again. So take some time to soothe these feelings and continue it before you start making ex-friends. Give yourself permission to accept and deal with the situation effectively.

Be clear about your intentions
It is very important to think about the reasons for friendship with your ex. Weigh the pros and cons and then make a decision. Never think of reasons to disappoint your ex to meet someone else, or the reasons that make their life so sad. Make your friendship beneficial for both of you.

Avoid being romantic
If you want genuine friendship with him / her and if you have no intention of bringing him back into your life, then have sex with your ex or not. They used to be sensitive and super romantic with her, but this was a thing of the past. If you really want to achieve this then you have to focus on becoming your ex lover. Avoid instructing each other or treating each other like sexual friends.

Show consistency
Once you know about your intentions to make friends, always remember it and make them your guide. Keep him consistent in showing your honesty and later make your ex a real lover of Whatsapp DP. Do not pose as someone who is hot and cold or clearly confused.

Do not blow your ex for someone else
If you have ever been interested in someone you are interested in, do not try to pre-hit for it. Your ex can still be easily influenced by the idea of ​​"you and the other man / girl". So respect her feelings.


Check your ex periodically
Be the person who still cares for him. Periodically check to see how it does. Celebrate his special day by sending greetings or sending cards / gifts. This will help your ex know that you are still a supportive and loving friend to him.

Raise her self-esteem
Always remember that he is a special and great person, that is why you want him in your life. This will help reduce the pain your ex has calmed by him / her.

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